The IK10+ Series is LUX dynamics’ premium high-bay fixture. Offered in high lumen and high efficacy options, this fixture is natatorium rated, UL Wet-Location listed, boasts an efficacy up to 181 lumens per watt, and allows for narrowed distributions using its built-in reflectors. 10 years of design have lead to this robust, thermally efficient and versatile fixture. In addition, LUX high-bays are available in tunable white with

0-10V, DALI, or DMX controls.

The LUX 360+ series marries architectural STYLE with highbay PERFORMANCE. With as high as 6000 LUMENS PER FOOT and up to 4 ILLUMINATED SIDES, this luminaire is more VERSATILE than anything else on the market. the 360+ series is a lasting and high-performing option for almost any lighting project.

The perfect solution for natatoriums and other indirect lighting applications. The WAVE+ Series is designed using our “Rotatable” LED- BARs, enabling both direct and indirect lighting distributions. The WAVE+ provides unparalleled unifomity across the ceiling and task plane, dramatically improving the visual environment.

LUX Illuminated Truss (LIT) revolutionizes truss lighting systems. LIT’s sleek and functional design, creates a continuous illuminated downlight while allowing room for additional electronic devices within the truss. LUX Illuminated Truss can incorporate LUX WAVE+ luminaires for additional indirect lighting for natatoriums, airport terminals, tennis courts and any modern architectural setting.

Six years ago, the GRO luminaire series changed the horticulture landscape with industry-leading benefits and performance. Since then, the science of horticulture has advanced and we have grown with it. Applying our new knowledge to cutting-edge LED technology, we have developed a grow fixture with higher PPF and a broader spectral output, enabling more efficient and productive growth across a wider variety of needs.