Our Story

Our story begins as Lighting Representatives

The LUX dynamics line of luminaires was developed on the principal belief that “there is always a better way”.  We researched why the best performing fixtures were in fact the best performing fixtures.  Through research, we gained a thorough understanding of how to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. By incorporating the “Best-of-the-Best” practices into a single luminaire, LUX dynamics was born.

Beginning as lighting representatives first, we had a broad knowledge of the fixtures that worked and those that didn’t. We began by developing a heat sink channel made from extruded aluminum to extend the life of the electronics. Then we focused our efforts on developing our superior optical reflectors. What we learned was nothing short of astonishing.

We developed what we determined to be the most uniform and efficient optical distribution reflectors and sent them out to be manufactured out of the traditional MIRO4. All the while, we were thinking “that was too easy we couldn’t possibly be the first to do this”. We anxiously awaited our MIRO4 reflectors to arrive for testing. (That is, until the other shoe dropped!)

Then we received a call from the producer of the reflectors…. They told us that they simply could not manufacture our design for several reasons. One because we didn’t have any “flat spots” in the reflector which were required for the reflector to be made from MIRO4 and two because we had a complex design with over 200 different radiuses that made up a “bump” above the center of each lamp (where we had designed a method of getting the light trapped behind the lamp out of the fixture). This was one area that we were quite bothered by as it is one of the major ways in which we found that would give us better efficiencies from our fixtures.

This is one area that we kept wondering why nobody had figured this out. So now we knew that others had probably taken the same path and likely had the same ambitions, but decided to sacrifice their design for the cost saving as almost every other manufacturer we looked at had a “flat spot” above the lamp where light gets trapped and their radius were made up of a series of “flat spots”.

So, we had some decisions to make. Do we do it the same way everyone else does it, or do we find a better way? Using ray tracing software we experimented with the required “flat spots” and eliminated the “bump” above the lamp center. We were not satisfied with the results as we determined that “flat spots” meant “Hot-Spots” (spikes of light instead of uniform distribution) and approximately 10% drop in efficiency from what we had originally designed.

So, we did what we do best and found a better way. By extruding our “complex” reflectors out of 6463 polished aluminum we were able to get the shape and the distribution we desired, maintaining our fluid design (minus flat spots) and including our “bump” above the center lamp. It cost us a bit more and required using more aluminum, but in the end we had developed the highest efficiency luminaires in the market place with superior light output . The blessing in disguise was that our fixtures, by the very nature of their construction, were more robust and could handle almost any abuse you could throw at them. See for yourself!

Our quality products are built exclusively in America at our headquarters located in Reno, Nevada and come standard with a 10 year warranty. For more information, just ask! We are proud of the choices we have made and welcome the opportunity to share our experience. You can call us anytime at (775) 200-0707 or Email Us!