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Statement of Compliance

Buy America Provisions of ARRA Section 1605

ARRA Section 1605 sets forth the clear expectation that “all the iron, steel, and manufactured goods used in [an ARRA-funded] project will be “produced in the United States.”

LUX dynamics hereby certifies that all of its products are designed, manufactured and assembled in America using materials and components that meet the requirements of Section 1605 ARRA Buy America Act. All LUX dynamics products may be used on stimulus-funded public works projects at the federal or state level.


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How do we determine if a good is manufactured in the United States?


Questions for Determining Whether Substantial Transformation Has Occurred in the U.S. – Answer YES or NO

1. Were all of the components of the manufactured good produced in the United States, and were all of the components assembled into the final product in the U.S.? (If the answer is yes, then this is clearly manufactured in the U.S., and the inquiry is complete)

2. Was there a change in character or use of the good or the components in America? (These questions are asked about the finished good as a whole, not about each individual component)

a. Was there a change in the physical and/or chemical properties or characteristics designed to alter the functionality of the good?

b. Did the manufacturing or processing operation result in a change of a product(s) with one use into a product with a different use?

c. Did the manufacturing or processing operation result in the narrowing of the range of possible uses of a multi-use product?

3. Was (/were) the process(es) performed in the U.S. (including but not limited to assembly) complex and meaningful?

a. Did the process(es) take a substantial amount of time?

b. Was(/were) the process(es) costly?

c. Did the process(es) require particular high level skills?

d. Did the process(es) require a number of different operations?

e. Was substantial value added in the process(es)?


Buy America Provisions of ARRA Section 1605


July 2, 2009 (Revised September 22, 2009)