Inserting Lenses on Unlensed BARs

Although there are many ways to remove the lenses of our LED fixtures, LUX dynamics most commonly uses the 2 methods outlined here.

LUX dynamics recommends using the snap-in method when the BAR is either not lensed, or for reasons such as damage, the lens is easily removed from the bar without tools.

LUX dynamics recommends using the BAR removal method when the lens is in good condition and can’t be easily removed by hand, such as if the customer wants to change between clear and white lenses.

    1. Locate the indentation the lens rests in. This is the indentation below the first lip on the LED-BAR aluminum extrusion.
    2. Place one corner or the lens into the indentation. Push firmly until the opposite corner is resting above the indentation.
    3. Continue pushing firmly across the length of the lens, starting at one endcap and moving towards the other. An audible snap will be heard when the lens is secure.

Replacing Lenses on Lensed BARs

    1. Locate the free end of the BAR. This is identified by being the side that is not wired through the endcap.
    2. Remove the screw from the underside of the BAR.

You will need a 7/64” allen wrench. For the customer’s convenience, the care package that was sent with the luminaires contained a 7/64” allen bit that is compatible with any existing hex bit. The bit was painted red for easy identification.

3) Lift the bar so that the lens clears the endcap.

Left Bar

4) Slide the lens off of the BAR and replace the lens.

Slid Lens Off

5) Push the BAR back into the fixture. Resecure it with the existing 3/8’ screw.

Replace 3/8 Screws

LUX dynamics has provided you with longer screws than what you have removed from the luminaire. In the case that the 3/8” screw strips out, please use the provided 1/2” or 5/8” screw to secure the BAR.