Meet the Team


John McCarty



I create!

To invent something that has never existed before is my greatest passion. Being told “No” or “that can’t be done” is the fuel that motivates me.

If you had told me I would end up owning a lighting manufacturing company when I was pursuing my degree in Architectural Engineering and later went on to get an MBA, I never would have believed you. However, there is this wonderful symbiotic relationship between my formal education, past accomplishments and my interests that goes hand-in-hand in the lighting industry.

Welding, sculpting, wood working, and of course inventing new luminaires, I can usually be found in the shop into the wee hours of the morning. No, I don’t sleep a lot, but with so many things to learn, improve, and accomplish, sleep is a currency I can live without to feed my curiosity.

I continually get to create something new and exciting while using cutting edge (and rapidly improving) technology… Who wouldn’t sign up for that?

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Jay Marshall

Director of Business Development


Relationships are everything.

I welcome and appreciate the opportunity to interact with different people, particularly those with different interests. In addition to my family, forging long-lasting relationships and lighting round out my greatest passions. Handball, golf, snowmobiling, ice fishing, hiking, and mixed martial arts are superfluous by comparison.

Like most, I never set out to find a career in lighting, it simply found me and never let go. As an Economics/Criminal Justice major in college I imagined I would have a career in the FBI, but those days faded as lighting illuminated my path to the future. I guess that might be the difference in what you think you’re going to do, and where you end up… Passion! I found my passion in the continuous challenges/opportunities the lighting industry presents and the relationships that develop naturally.

You won’t find me hang gliding over an alligator farm in Florida, but you may find me engrossed in conversation with an alligator breeder, discussing circadian rhythms, mating rituals, and the corresponding effects lighting may have.

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Andy Munter

Design Support

The world is my playground.

Give me a mountain, and I’ll climb it. Give me a board, and I’ll ride it. Give me a bike, and I’ll learn how to do a wheelie. Anything “outdoor adventure” related is enough to get my attention.

With all the exposure to outdoor sports one could ask for growing up, I learned to love challenges. Doing a wheelie was my latest accomplishment. While going to school for my BS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno, I finally figured out the physics needed to accomplish this much craved (silly to some) task. Silly to most, but I’ll never forget my first wheelie.

Post-graduation, I went to work at LUX dynamics and rapidly moved up to Design/Innovation Lead. I will never lose my passion for the outdoors, but it seems that lighting has found an equal place in my heart.

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Nick Martin

Lighting Designer/Technical Support

Musician and teacher extraordinaire

I like to teach. Whether it’s lighting, software, computer hacking, or music, I find myself at my best while teaching. My love for music began too long ago to remember, when my house was always filled with song. I spent all my formative years learning to play anything I could get my hands on, and making music is my outlet for my creative self-expression.

Lighting captured my interest since working at LUX dynamics as it is a never-ending process, but nothing compares to the feelings I get when I play a lick like this:

(imagine “Freebird” by Lynard Skynard is being played)

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Danniell McCarty

Outside Sales

Food & Fitness!

I am obsessed about fitness and food.  I work out to eat and eat to work out. After discovering pole fitness as an alternate way to stay fit, I was addicted.  I took classes and ultimately became a pole instructor.  In fact, when I am on the road visiting my customers, it’s not unheard of that I will take a fitness class of some sort, usually yoga, pilates or pole, while in your city.  It just one of many things I love. I also, enjoy preparing my own dishes at home and trying new restaurants when on the road. I will usually seek out the #1 Yelp rated restaurant in your area.

I adore my little family, including the four-legged furry family member who comes to the office with me every day.  I am the mother of the President Elect of LUX dynamics, Keoni McCarty, a joyful handful to say the least.  She is the pride of my life’s accomplishments. I am also honored to being able to help support my husband in this amazing venture, LUX dynamics, he has created from the ground up with his own two hands.

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Angie Herrera

Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable

Surprise surprise!

I like surprises. Mostly I like surprising others. I am always looking for a way to make someone smile.

Handling Accounts Receivable gives me few opportunities to be myself so I find other outlets to get my kicks. At work we have one of those bank teller vacuum systems that ports shipping paperwork from the loading doc directly to my desk. I like to send the cartridge back with candy in it. It makes me smile to know the person on the other end gets a nice surprise when the cartridge is returned…

I have always helped people. Before working at LUX dynamics, I was a masseuse.   Sometime I wonder if that’s why John hired me… Did he think the staff was going to get a full time masseuse/book keeper?

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Emma Foster

Customer Support

My body is my  temple  canvas…

I LOVE tattoos.  I can’t explain why exactly, but they give me confidence and are a way to express my innermost creativity, sense of self, and are a bit of an addiction.

When I am not doing quotes and helping customers at LUX dynamics (which I love), I am a model, I go to the University of Argosy Online and I am busy being a mother to my two year old son Camden.  Recently graduating with my associates in business, I am passionate about furthering my education and achieving my Bachelor’s Degree in this major so I can positively impact the world with even more knowledge.

If you know anything about me, it’s probably that I feed off knowing I made your day better in some way or another.

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Kylara Ruesch

Team Member

Doctor Who?

Whether underneath my scrubs (at work) or at the university where I am majoring in physics, I am typically sporting a T-shirt representing a super-hero. I’ve become rather famous in many circles for them.

Doctor Who is my favorite “of course!”-because who doesn’t like Doctor Who? For those not in the know, the BBC show depicts the adventures of a Time Lord called “The Doctor”, a two-hearted extraterrestrial being from the planet Gallifrey. He explores the universe in a time-travelling space ship called the TARDIS, usually accompanied by a friend or two. He generally gets himself into situations where he needs to solve a problem; mainly with diplomacy, science, a dash of cleverness, or the ‘occasional’ explosion.

I like math and science. Well that’s an understatement. Since elementary school, my peers claimed that I had “a calculator for a brain”. I also like to keep an order to things and understand how/why they work—which is rather helpful for both my work here and at school.


Keoni McCarty


A book to the mind is as a gym to the body…

Whether it is a science fiction novel about time machines or a national geographic issue about volcanoes and earthquakes, I love to read! Unlike many of my friends and their video game addictions, books are my weak point. I find myself getting lost in the text, visualizing myself in the story, and finding a personal connection to the characters. To me, books are real-life dreams.

It is difficult to pull me away from a book, although, I love spending time with my dad at the LUX factory. I enjoy the hands-on experience with different tools and machines, organizing drill-bits, taps, end mills, and learning the business.

I have big plans to have a business of my own someday. I have been working on the business plan to manufacture fairy wands filled with refillable fairydust packets of varying potions. With this, if you’re in a mood to cast a spell to turn a frog into a prince or to have the ability to fly, you can go to the supermarket and buy that potion. My revenue from the initial sale of the wand is minimal, but I don’t care because I’ll make millions from the one-time use potion packs.

My company will be called LUXstar.


Maria Gomez

Team Member


Yes I love to sing, but not melodies. I like to sing like a Rock-Star. I mean that diaphragm wrenching, Steven Tyler intensity, like your life depended on exhaling, kind of singing.

“Extreme” best describes my personality. I am loud, confident, and proud. It goes without saying that most premier rock vocalists have huge egos. Maybe that’s what it is I like about an open mic… It’s a chance to let my ego soar.

I make lights in our production facility. John (the owner) prefers the music turned up loud (Rock mostly), to be playing throughout the production floor. It’s a fun place to work and I get to sing while I work.