Meet the Team

Administration and Vision


John McCarty



I create!

To invent something that has never existed before is my greatest passion. Being told “No” or “that can’t be done” is the fuel that motivates me.

If you had told me I would end up owning a lighting manufacturing company when I was pursuing my degree in Architectural Engineering and later went on to get an MBA, I never would have believed you. However, there is this wonderful symbiotic relationship between my formal education, past accomplishments and my interests that goes hand-in-hand in the lighting industry.

Welding, sculpting, wood working, and of course inventing new luminaires, I can usually be found in the shop into the wee hours of the morning. No, I don’t sleep a lot, but with so many things to learn, improve, and accomplish, sleep is a currency I can live without to feed my curiosity.

I continually get to create something new and exciting while using cutting edge (and rapidly improving) technology… Who wouldn’t sign up for that?

(775) 200-0707


Danniell McCarty

Food & Fitness!

I am obsessed about fitness and food.  I work out to eat and eat to work out. After discovering pole fitness as an alternate way to stay fit, I was addicted.  I took classes and ultimately became a pole instructor.  In fact, when I am on the road visiting my customers, it’s not unheard of that I will take a fitness class of some sort, usually yoga, pilates or pole, while in your city.  It just one of many things I love. I also, enjoy preparing my own dishes at home and trying new restaurants when on the road. I will usually seek out the #1 Yelp rated restaurant in your area.

I adore my little family, including the four-legged furry family members who come to the office with me every day.  I am the mother of the President Elect of LUX dynamics, Keoni McCarty, a joyful handful to say the least.  She is the pride of my life’s accomplishments. I am also honored to being able to help support my husband in this amazing venture, LUX dynamics, he has created from the ground up with his own two hands.

(775) 200-0707


Keoni McCarty

President Elect

A book to the mind is as a gym to the body…

Whether it is a science fiction novel about time machines or a national geographic issue about volcanoes and earthquakes, I love to read! Unlike many of my friends and their video game addictions, books are my weak point. I find myself getting lost in the text, visualizing myself in the story, and finding a personal connection to the characters. To me, books are real-life dreams.

It is difficult to pull me away from a book, although, I love spending time with my dad at the LUX factory. I enjoy the hands-on experience with different tools and machines, organizing drill-bits, taps, end mills, and learning the business.

I have big plans to have a business of my own someday. I have been working on the business plan to manufacture fairy wands filled with refillable fairydust packets of varying potions. With this, if you’re in a mood to cast a spell to turn a frog into a prince or to have the ability to fly, you can go to the supermarket and buy that potion. My revenue from the initial sale of the wand is minimal, but I don’t care because I’ll make millions from the one-time use potion packs.

My company will be called LUXstar.

Outside Sales


Jon Batten

Outside Sales Manager/West



I believe that you should find adventure and make the most out of every day! Many years ago, I took an exit on life’s highway and traded in my rafting guide gear for a business suit. Twelve years later, I have held roles in every level of lighting sales from inside sales to a national manager. I believe that excellent business relationships are built on trust, honesty, and communication.

I am excited to bring my lighting knowledge to LUX dynamics and look forward to working with all of you! When I am not traveling my territory spreading the word about LUX dynamics you will find me playing in the mountains of Colorado with my family. Where the only problem is deciding whether to ski, climb, bike, hunt, fish, or backpack.

Get out there!

(775) 636-0477


Bryan Arrington

Outside Sales Manager/Northeast

Love the process!

After realizing Major League Baseball had no use for an extremely below-average player, I figured college would be the best route for me. I’ve been in the lighting Industry for thirteen years, with the last three spent as a regional luminaire sales manager.

When I’m not selling lights, you can find me at wrestling tournaments, dance competitions, or baseball games with my three kids. In our free time, my wife and I go to concerts, run in Tough Mudders, get a good workout in, and most importantly, have fun. I love movies, most types of music, and I’ve been known to throw down on a video game every now and then. I enjoy working hard but never take myself too seriously. I am thrilled to help promote LUX dynamics’ products, values, and core beliefs.

I am a true believer in the fact that you have to do all of the little things right daily before you can get to the big things, and LUX dynamics lives by this principle!

(775) 391-9100


Drew Roberts

Outside Sales Manager/Southeast

It’s a small world…

The lighting business is extremely unique, yet it’s the only profession I know. When I stumbled into “a job” through a college career fair, I had no idea my professional journey would be so rewarding, and as most say, “once you’re in lighting, you can’t get out.” After twelve and a half years of marketing, quotations, and regional and national sales capacities, I’m on to my next chapter with LUX dynamics! I’m excited to travel back to territories where the customers and partners are considered friends. I’m even more thrilled to see new places and make more introductions.

My “downtime” is spent with family, friends, and leisurely travel. After all, Atlanta is considered a “big small town” by the people that grew up here, and access to the busiest airport in the world is an entree to so many locations. While the wet winter months create a bit of cabin fever on the home front, the other seasons are spent chasing after a four-year-old daughter and one-year-old son!

(775) 240-1460

Inside Sales/Quotes


Anette Swindle

Inside Sales/CSR Lead

I observe and study the world!


I’ve always been the one to examine my surroundings. It is absolutely fascinating to me that everyone comes from different backgrounds, endure different trials, and experience different forms of joy. At the end of the day, if we are all the same, how awesome are we?


I am also a mother (of a cat and dog). My cat and dog, Ember and Babbs, are two of my many joys outside of work. You can say that I really love animals! Around the office, I play with our Barketing director, Athena, and enjoy seeing cute pictures of others’ pets.



Kam Franco

Customer Support/ Quotations

Fishing & Fitness


There are pictures of me as a baby carrying a fishing pole, so it’s safe to say that fishing has always been a part of my life. Fishing goes beyond catching game for me. It helps me reflect on various matters in life. I think consistently being surrounded by nature really centers me.


When I’m not responding to our great customers or fishing, I’m working out and strengthening myself.


Engineering and Application Support


Nick Martin

Technical/Applications Support and Graphic Design

Musician and teacher extraordinaire


I like to teach. Whether it’s lighting, software, computer hacking, or music, I find myself at my best while teaching. My love for music began too long ago to remember, when my house was always filled with song. I spent all my formative years learning to play anything I could get my hands on, and making music is my outlet for my creative self-expression.


Lighting captured my interest since working at LUX dynamics as it is a never-ending process, but nothing compares to the feelings I get when I play a lick like this:


(imagine “Freebird” by Lynard Skynard is being played)



Andy Munter

Design Lead

The world is my playground.


Give me a mountain, and I’ll climb it. Give me a board, and I’ll ride it. Give me a bike, and I’ll learn how to do a wheelie. Anything “outdoor adventure” related is enough to get my attention.


With all the exposure to outdoor sports one could ask for growing up, I learned to love challenges. Doing a wheelie was my latest accomplishment. While going to school for my BS in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno, I finally figured out the physics needed to accomplish this much craved (silly to some) task. Silly to most, but I’ll never forget my first wheelie.


Post-graduation, I went to work at LUX dynamics and rapidly moved up to Design/Innovation Lead. I will never lose my passion for the outdoors, but it seems that lighting has found an equal place in my heart.



Sam Preciado

Engineering/Design Support

I love to learn and play the guitar!


About 11 years ago I started teaching myself how to play the guitar. There is something about playing that is so therapeutic to me and takes my mind off of anything I may be facing.


When I am not working in the Engineering department at LUX dynamics, I am always looking to enhance my own knowledge. My ultimate life goal is to never stop learning and innovating, so whenever I can have a good read or engage in an interesting conversation, I am on the right track.

(775) 200-0707

Accounting and Finance


Lily Lopez

Accounts Receivable

I love streaming!


There are so many great artists out there! Finding a new creator on YouTube or a catchy new song on Spotify can make anyone’s day. The exciting stories in TV shows today also make great conversation and bring people together.


I think it’s cool that anyone can share an experience for the world to enjoy. This interest in people led me to get my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Cal Poly. I now work with a talented team at LUX and get to see their creativity every day!



Kamila Zgiet-Sawicka

Accounts Payable/Human Resources



Ever since I can remember I’ve been traveling. I just love to go anywhere. I’ve been to Europe, Asia, Africa, and various landmarks in the United States. At one point, my husband and I would travel to a new location every weekend! You can see places on the internet whenever, but actually going is empowering.


Moving forward, I don’t want to stop! I wish to continue going on trips with my family and experiencing new things.


When I am home, I also enjoy MUSIC by playing instruments or simple listening to it.




Kylara Ruesch


Math, Science, & Superheroes!


Math and science have always fascinated me. Due to this, I’ve earned a Bachelors in Physics from the University of Nevada, Reno and used to be told I “had a calculator for a brain” by my peers back in elementary school. I like to understand how and why things work, which has come in handy pretty often at work.


When not at work, I can always be spotted wearing a superhero t-shirt and have become famous in my social circles for it. I like superheroes for their amazing deeds and abilities which I, sadly, do not have.


Shipping & Receiving


Shipping and Receiving


Office Support


Rania Diab

Office Assistant

I am currently going to UNR as an elementary education major with a specialty in special education. I enjoy working with children because they have so much potential and it’s just amazing to watch them grow into the person they are going to be. I think being a part of a younger child’s life is one of the most important things you can do because you influence how they view the world and how they choose to grow up. I hope to teach the 2nd grade once I graduate and hope to impact many lives in a positive way.

I’ve always had a passion for sports (even though I wasn’t very good). I played 5 years of basketball, 3 years of track and field, and recently started playing rugby. Playing team sports has always been a favorite of mine because you grow a bond with your team like no other.

I also enjoy being home snuggling with my little doggo. She is an adorable chiweenie and loves going shopping with her mommy. She is very friendly and everyone says that dogs reflect their humans but I have no idea how she got so friendly.

I LOVE going to festivals and enjoying the loud music in huge crowds. It’s an amazing way to relieve stress and have a little getaway from life. My favorite artist is Illenium! I went to see him November 2019 and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.


Production Management


Martin Fiesser

Production Supervisor

I love rollerblading!


I have been rollerblading for years and I don’t look to stop anytime soon! I just feel so free every time I give it a go. I have countless stories of rollerblading. In fact, one time when I was rollerblading in San Francisco I ran into Robin Williams at the park! I can assure you he was as happy to see me as I was for him…not really.


I was born in Germany and moved to the United States when I was around 10 years old. It’s so fascinating seeing the different cultures between the two. I have two amazing kids that I look forward to seeing every day! I consider them my pride and joy and can’t wait to see what they do in the future.


Here at LUX dynamics, I am the warehouse manager. I love being able to lead people from so many different backgrounds to a common goal. I am always looking to better myself and the environment that I work in.


Production Leads


Isabel Ruiz

Family & Sports


My family is my everything. I value my family to the max and spend a lot of time with them. Watching sports, eating dinner, or even hanging out with them in the living room always makes my day. I always greatly appreciate the friends I have that are as close as family.


I also love animals. They are so cute to me. It is as they are an immediate stress reliever. Seeing cute picture of a cat or dog also makes my day.


Maria Felix



My family is my everything! You can ask anyone around me and they will tell you how much my family means to me. Hanging out with family puts me at ease and I always have the best laughs with them.


Moving forward in life, I would love to begin studying again. I owe it to myself and my beautiful family.


Angie Romero

Baking & Family


I love baking! When I was growing up my mom would always teach me her tricks on how to bake. Nowadays I bake cakes, cupcakes, and breads. Constantly my coworkers are begging me to bring in a fresh dish.


Outside of baking and work, I love spending time with my twins. They are my pride and joy. I love sharing great laughs and watching them grow (but not too fast).


My life goals are to retire and travel to beautiful places.

Quality Assurance


Daniel Barajas

Art & Friends


I don’t personally create much art; however, I think it is so extremely fascinating. It’s exciting that art can literally be anything! I feel it shows who you are or even who you aspire to be.


Outside of work, I have various hobbies. This includes hiking, playing video games, and hanging with friends. I feel it’s good to have a balance and always pursue something different.


George Gomez

Music & Drawing


Over the years, producing music has become a solid passion of mine. It all started when I would hear great music around me and wonder how it was created. Not long after I started teaching myself code and how to mix and master. I even went to the extent of creating my own CD when I was a teenager. As far as anyone is concerned, it no longer exists.


I thoroughly enjoy drawing. I have done plenty of different works that has challenged me. Similarly with music, it is fascinating to make a story out of nothing to begin with.



Cesar Lopez

I paint!


I have been painting for years! Painting has done so much for me throughout the course of my life. It teaches me valuable skills like patience and attentiveness. I like the way things come together out of nothing. Every color means something. Applying this to my own life, I have succeeded and created a legacy from nothing. Every action and skill I learn empowers me to be better.


I hope to one day open up my own art shop to put my talent on full display.


Fred Flores

Sports & Music


Playing basketball or biking is always a fun time for me. It is a great way for me to better my body while hanging with friends. I enjoy the feeling of making a nice shot or even riding a long distance.


Another passion of mine is music. Music is everywhere in my life. Often, I produce music. I just love the variety of music and how much you can do with it.


My life goals are to master track and always be able to provide for my family.


Adan Trujillo

Fixing & Creating


I love what I do here at LUX dynamics. For the most part, I am in charge of building crates. Ever since I was young, I loved to build things, so this job is right down my alley.


Outside of work, I enjoy working on cars or fixing up my house. What can I say? I am a fixer!


Toan Chung

Video Games & Education


Video games are awesome! There is not much better than sitting at home playing games with friends. It helps me interact with my friends while challenging me as well. My favorite video game is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon.


I am currently studying at the University of Nevada, Reno. I plan on graduating with a double major in Accounting and Finance.


If I had to make a life goal, it would be to survive.


Jasmine Reconose

Hiking & Nature


I absolutely love hiking and nature. I have even taken a trip to Oregon to hike there. I just find it so peaceful to hike and view the nature around you. It allows me to unwind from my busy life and forget everything for the moment to enjoy the beauty around me.


I hope to hike in different environments soon.



Athena McCarty

Head of Barketing

bark bark grr bark ruff.


Yip bark bark ruff bark! Awoo woo woo bark ruff ruff, grr bark bark awoowoowoo.


Dagny McCarty

Barketing Intern

What Athena said.