Terms and Conditions


Orders for LUX products, parts, and accessories will be accepted and billed at prices on valid factory quotation forms, or as quoted by our authorized Representative with LUX approval.


Fixtures $100.00, Parts $50.00


Transportation via ground carrier is allowed to a single destination within the continental lower 48 U.S. states, on single orders for LUX products of $5,000.00 billable product value or greater. Selection of shipping company is at sole discretion of LUX. Freight costs additional to the original invoice must be paid in full. Additional costs for customer requests such as: split shipments, inside delivery charges, notification charges, residential delivery charges, job site delivery charges, hydraulic tailgate charges, or any other special freight or service charges shall be the customer’s sole responsibility.


Terms are issued at the sole discretion of LUX dynamics. LUX accepts only ACH, wire transfer, check, cashier’s check, money order, or credit card as forms of payment. LUX dynamics requires Remittance Advice issued with any ACH transaction. Any credit card transaction is subject to the terms and limitations of LUX’s payment processor, LUX is not liable for any bank or transfer fees associated with any payment method. If payment is issued and postmarked thirty (30) or more days after the invoice due date, a reprocessing fee of 2% of the invoice total will be issued. Any invoice not paid in full that results in the invoice being reissued will carry an additional Fifty Dollars ($50.00) reprocessing fee. The reprocessing fee, as well as any remaining balance, must be remitted within 15 days of notification.

If, in the judgment of LUX, the financial condition and/or payment history of the buyer does not justify terms on any or all products, LUX may require payment in advance. Custom products and/or orders exceeding $500,000 may require a 50% deposit with the balance required before shipment, at the sole discretion of LUX.


Acknowledgement of an order is final and subject to a minimum 50% cancellation charge, at the discretion of LUX dynamics, if cancelled. Orders are not subject to cancellation except upon authorization by LUX.


Lead-time delivery information is offered for guidance only and may be subject to delay. LUX does not assume any liability as the result of late delivery. LUX dynamics does not accept any orders with Hold For Release provisions. Any orders received under the condition of Hold For Release will be accepted by LUX as Immediate Release.


Lost or damaged material must be reported to the carrier on receipt of shipment. LUX will not be liable for damaged material or delayed delivery due to carriers or happenings beyond LUX’s reasonable control.


n no event shall LUX be liable for labor charges arising from the inspection, installation, or changing of its lighting equipment or parts, defective or not, unless such work is authorized by a LUX purchase order. Under no circumstances will LUX accept liability or punitive or consequential damages, late penalties or any other costs, related or otherwise. LUX reserves rights to redesign or modify any part of product without notification or liability to prior sales.


LUX standard products may be returned only when approved in advance and when bearing an RMA number assigned by LUX at the time of approval. Restocking charges may apply. Specialty-made or modified products, including nonstandard finishes, may not be returned. Products returned for manufacturing defects or shipping errors will be acceptable for credit upon inspection of the returned goods by LUX dynamics. Replacement material sent for malfunctioning goods must have a purchase order issued prior to any RMA being processed.


Salespeople are not permitted nor authorized to make any oral representations or warranties of merchantability or of fitness or to waive any of the terms of sale and none shall be binding upon LUX.


LUX warrants the materials and finished appearance of its products, not including electronic components, for a period of (10) years, and the electronic components of the luminaire for a period of (5) years, from the date of shipment from LUX. Damage caused in transportation or jobsite handling is excluded. LED drivers which become defective within the driver manufacturer’s warranty may be exchanged for new drivers from LUX dynamics. Damage caused by the electrical malfunction or improper external wiring or the like out of LUX’s reasonable control shall not be covered by this guarantee. The foregoing guarantee is given in lieu of all other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied in fact or in law and defines LUX’s sole liability herein under. See full Warranty verbiage for further information.